I just opened an account with Earthlink and never had an account before. I entered into a 30 day trial for internet 12MB of DSL which being in the suburbs its the best you can find besides trying to use a 4G hotspot with spotty reception.

After 30 days it will turn into a 1 year contract. I paid 69.95 for one time installation and first months monthly charge of about 49.95 per month, 6.95 for per month for modem. 10 days later I cancelled due to just using my 4G hotspot providing faster service. They said I can keep the modem so I left everything all setup as a back up incase my 4G has problems.

I notice I still have service with my earthlink account and can use the DSL modem for internet even though my account is cancelled. I now changed my mind and want to keep the DSL for backup purposes and called earthlink to just enable my account and cancel the cancellation. They are not able to do that. They want to charge another installation fee for 69.95 and no trial and just redo the process over again ?

so technically I paid the installation fee and noone needs to come out to install. Also I still have internet service running with my cancellation. I don't get it! I only had the account for a week ?

I didn't even use my trial period and you still want to charge me another installation fee. I don't need the trial period but I would have continued services if they would have just waived the installation charge. Now they don't want to work with me on that so I will keep the modem since they said I don't need to return it which I found weird and they will lose the business. Who operates this business ?

WOW! X-New customer and really bad experience with Earth link.

Product or Service Mentioned: Earthlink Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $70.

Preferred solution: Waive installation charges since I already paid and I will continue services..

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